Air Compressors in Seattle, WA

Designed and manufactured to the same stringent quality standards as all Mi-T-M equipment, their air compressors offer maximum efficiency and flexibility. Packed with features that let you take on more demanding jobs Mi-T-M air compressors are the perfect solution for jobs big and small.  Owning your own air compressor can offer several benefits, but we encourage you to the take the time to select the appropriate air compressor that best meets your home or business needs.


One way to group air compressor types is by the number of stages it has. A two-stage air compressor is usually used for heavy-duty use. This type of unit offers a higher level of compression than smaller, single stage air compressors. A two-stage air compressor can store air for future use, and is more energy efficient since it produces more air per unit of horsepower than a single stage compressor. Also, less heat is generated in a two-stage compressor, which means that wear on the unit is reduced. Portable electric air compressors are also available for light-duty applications.


Proper safety should be taken when using an air compressor.  When not in use, air compressors should be properly powered off and unplugged.