High-Pressure Pumps in Seattle, WA

When you use a pressure washer, you want it to be at its full capacity for peak performance and success. However, if your pressure washer pump doesn’t work, then you might experience anything from uneven water pressure to water or oil leaks. Let Bens Cleaner Sales Inc. help with our variety of quality high-pressure pumps. We happily service the entire Seattle, WA area, including Western Washington.

Choose Your Pump

High-pressure pumps are available in a variety of options. Your main options include:

  • Wobble plate pumps: This pump is ideal if you want an economical pump. It lasts around 300 hours.
  • Axial cam pumps: This lightweight and compact pump has an adjustable flow and lasts around 600 to 800 hours.
  • Triplex plunger pumps: This pump is great for efficiency and long-lasting durability. It produces high-pressure performance for thousands of hours and allows for easy maintenance and repair.

Direct Drive vs. Belt Drive


Pressure washers usually come in two different drives.  Direct drive where the pump is mounted directly to the motor, and belt drive is where the pump is connected by pulleys and belts to the motor.

The advantage of direct drive is lighter weight and usually more compact.  But because of their connection to the motor and higher run speed, direct drive pumps won’t last as long.  Direct drives are ideal for intermittent use or where size and weight are a concern.  Usually considered commercial duty.

The advantage of belt drives are their durability.  Pumps run slower, are more robust and run cooler.  Their disadvantage is they are heavier and slightly larger.  They are ideal for the contractor that needs a heavy duty machine that is used every day.  Usually considered industrial duty.


Direct Drive Advantages:

  • Lower cost up front
  • Lighter weight
  • Smaller


Direct Drive Disadvantages:

  • Higher speed pump – faster wear / lower quality
  • Heat & vibration transfer from motor to pump
  • More long-term repairs


Belt Drive Advantages:

  • Slower speed pump
  • Pump built higher quality / more robust
  • Less repair costs / longer life


Belt Drive Disadvantages:

  • Higher cost up front
  • Heavier / larger
  • Occasional belt tightening


The main consideration when purchasing equipment is if the machine is going to be used daily, weekly, or monthly.  And when it is used, is it for a few hours or many hours.  Answering these questions will help you determine the right equipment for you.


Whatever pump you want, you can find what you need at Bens Cleaner Sales Inc.

Rely on Us

At Bens Cleaner Sales Inc., we provide top-quality products and services. When you choose to buy from Ben’s Cleaner Sales, you gain access to a large inventory of quality products, expansive knowledge from friendly staff, and a large range of services.

With any product you purchase, you can rely on us for efficient and thorough service. If your high-pressure pump experiences issues, we will happily diagnose the issue with your high-pressure pump and provide needed repairs. We also provide general service and preventative maintenance as needed.

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“difference between belt drive and direct drive pumps.” – Jerry.
Differences are speed, life and durability.