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Tech Tip - Low Oil Shutdown

Ben’s hopes to help you get the most out of your machine, and keep it working in top shape.  If you are having issues with your machine shutting off during operation, you might have a problem with low oil.  For a solution to this problem please read this month’s tech tip, provided by Mi-T-M, written in their newsletter. 

Low Oil Shutdown

Common Issue:  How do you fix a gas engine that runs for 5 to 15 minutes and then shuts off?

Reason:  There are two main reasons why the gas engine is shutting down.  The gas engine is either experiencing low oil shut down issue (caused by low oil or sensor issue), or the engine is vapor locking and running out of gas.

Steps to Resolve the Issue:
Determine if the engine shuts off clean or if it is running rough right before it shuts off.  If the engine shuts off clean, make sure the unit is being operated on a level surface and check the engine oil level.

If your engine is still shutting off clean, remove the plug/dipstick in the crankcase housing.  The oil level should be up to the first thread in the crankcase housing.  If the oil level is down by 2-3 threads, add oil until it comes to the edge of the crankcase housing or drips over the bottom edge of the port.


Engines with dipsticks longer than 3-4 inches should be measured by the oil level mark on the dipstick.  To troubleshoot the low oil float or module system, contact tech  support and ask them to walk you through the isolating of the timer module and disconnecting the float wire to see if the engines continues to run.  Keep in mind disconnecting the wire will also allow an engine low on oil to run and operate, which could result in internal failure of the bearings, connecting rod, and piston/cylinder, this is only for testing purposes.


When you pull the oil fill plug, if an excessive amount of fluid comes out, smell the fluid to make sure it does not smell like gas.  All engines with gas tanks on tip of the engine need to have the fuel lever shut off when transporting.  A needle/seat issue in the carburetor can cause the gas from the tank to overflow the carburetor and flow the gas into the engine cylinder, and then into the crankcase.  The diluted oil will cause the low oil float to prevent the engine from starting and/or running.


If the engine runs rough just before shutting off, check the gas cap or carbon canister to make sure the problem is not a vapor lock or clean the main jet of carburetor as the gummed up jet maybe causing a lack of gas flow.


If you are still having issues or need additional help, please feel free to call our service department at (206) 622-4262 or bring it into our shop and we can take a look at it for you.

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