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Steam Cleaning vs. Hot Water

Have you ever wondered the difference between using a hot water pressure washer or steam?  Although hot water pressure washers can be better than cold water pressure washers because the high temperatures are better at removing grease and oil, steam cleaners have advantages over hot water pressure washers including a natural sanitizing power.


Water in a steam cleaner is heated to 320°F at relatively low pressure (in the 100 to 250 PSI range vs. 2,000 to 4,000 PSI for the most common pressure washers).  The steam cleaner uses steam’s expansion to accelerate water droplets, at the boiling point, to a high velocity.  After the 320°F water in a steam cleaner passes through the restrictive nozzle it is no longer under the additional pressure of the water pump and can not remain a liquid.  Fifteen percent of the water instantly flashes into steam, cooling the mixture of steam and water from 320°F  to 212°F.  This steam vapor, used with properly designed steam cleaning nozzle, also accelerates the remaining water droplets. 


Since the water flow through the steam cleaner is half that of the hot water washer, and 15% of the discharge water leaving the steam cleaner nozzle evaporates, the steam cleaner produces 42.5% of the runoff water compared to a hot water pressure washer, resulting in a 57.5% reduction in water runoff. 

Advantages of Steam:

  • Consume a fraction of water
  • Clean hard to reach areas
  • Chemical free sanitation
  • Remove stains, odors, grease, bacteria, mold, yeast & fungi
  • Reduces splash back
  • Increases effectiveness of chemicals

Typical Applications for Steam:

  • Cleaning engines & transmissions
  • Thawing frozen drains, tanks, piping
  • Removing chewing gum
  • Degassing tanks prior to welding
  • Preparing surfaces for painting
  • Removing fats, grease, oils
  • Melting & removing paraffin wax & grease
  • Cleaning & restoring brick & stone

To see the differences between steam and hot water pressure washers in person, contact our sales staff at (206) 622-4262 and we would be happy to give you a demonstration and answer your questions.

Steam Vapor Cleaners vs. Wet Steam Cleaners

The steam cleaner in the above article produces 85% water & 15% vapor. The steam vapor cleaner from Steamericas produces 15% water & 85% vapor. Steamericas makes a great steam vapor cleaner.  The Optima Steamer DMF is a revolutionary, environmentally-friendly vapor steam-cleaning machine. Using the latest in equipment technology–coupled with the unrivalled strength and purity of steam–the Optima Steamer DMF Vapor Steam Cleaning Machine can quickly and effectively remove dirt, stains, grease, odors and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces without chemicals and without creating waste water run-off.

The  Steamer  is ideal for mobile cleaning operations such as mobile auto detailing and commercial cleaning.  The steamer is equipped with a diesel burner that quickly produces steam in 2 minutes or less and intelligently runs the boiler providing continuous, on-demand steam while conserving energy.

The steamer  includes a dual spray gun system, which means 2 operators can clean at the same time, still without a loss in steam pressure, heat, or power.

The Optima Steamer DMF allows you to adjust the moisture level to optimize the steam output  for various cleaning applications. For example, use dry steam for detailing and car interior cleaning; use wet steam for cleaning a heavily soiled truck exterior. With the one-stop vapor steam cleaning system, you can easily remove compound in the tightest cracks and crevices. The Optima Steamer can not only wash a car’s exterior, but also the engine compartments, undercarriages, and even the interior without damaging them.

The Optima Steamer not only cleans cars, but also keeps the shop in spotless condition. Remove grease residue, oil stains, and other blemishes from your equipment to maintain your shop’s presentation. It’s also great for cleaning and sanitizing food and beverage equipment, bathrooms & bed bug removal.

New Hot Water Pressure Washer

NEW All-Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer


Mi-T-M has a new hot water pressure washer to hit the market.  The new Mi-T-M HAE Series Pressure Washers provide you the cleaning power of two systems in one. The pressure washer features a stainless-steel base and frame for longevity in the toughest environments and the powder coated heat exchanger features a revolutionary cartridge design and is able to deliver hot water on-demand – perfect for cleaning grease and oil from any surface in a matter of minutes!

Hard-wired to a heat exchanger for consistent and efficient hot water within 3-5 minutes!


  • Belt Drive General Pump
  • Industrial 6.0 or 8.0-HP Electric Motor
  • External Downstream Injector
  • Time Delay Shutdown

For more information and pricing please give us a call today!