Clean More Effectively with a Pressure Washer in Seattle, WA

Pressure washers come in many different options to meet your industrial cleaning needs.  From cold water to hot water, portable and stationary, you don’t have to settle for big box store machines.  Whether you are a homeowner or a professional, Ben’s Cleaner Sales has the right pressure washer to get the job done.  We pride ourselves in creating custom equipment for your perfect application!

Our expert staff has worked here for many years, gaining valuable experience in the pressure washer industry.  Not sure what machine is right for you?  Come in and test a machine before you buy.  We stand behind our brands and equipment and know you will love your new power washer.  All of our machines are run and tested before they leave our shop, and we are happy to walk you through start up, shut down, winterizing and optional accessories to get the most out of your machine.

Pressure washers cut down immensely the time and effort needed to clean your property’s exterior, creating more time for the things you want to do, or allowing more jobs to be done in a day if you are a professional cleaner.  Great for driveways, parking garages, siding, vehicle washing, building exteriors, and wine barrels, the applications are endless.  To cut down the time you spend on cleaning, consider buying a pressure washer in Seattle, WA. 

3000 PSI Portable Cold Water Pressure Washer

Benefit from a Pressure Washer’s Cleaning Abilities

Not only do pressure washers help you clean quickly and efficiently, they also help you clean hard-to-reach places, making them ideal for patios, garages and gutters.  Power washers also have great versatility – they clean with enough power to clean  your driveway, but you can safely use them to wash your car as well.


If you need a power washer, come to Ben’s Cleaner Sales.  We sell, service and rent all kinds of cleaning equipment, including pressure washers and steam cleaners.  Don’t forget the pressure washer accessories, like hoses, turbo nozzles, chemicals and surface cleaners!  We have a large inventory of equipment for you to choose from.  Your power washer options include:

  • Consumer (homeowner) or industrial models
  • Cold or hot water
  • Belt or direct driven
  • Gas engine, diesel, or electric powered
  • Portable or stationary solutions
  • New or used equipment

Please take a moment to scroll through our webpage to learn more about your options and give you more detail on the specifications for each type of power washer.

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When you need a power washer in Seattle, WA, you can depend on the knowledgeable staff at Ben’s Cleaner Sales.  We’ll provide you with quality equipment, and we’ll gladly help you find the right option for your industrial cleaning needs.  Call 877.922.4262 to learn more.