Pressure Washers and Cleaning Equipment in Everett

As a business owner or homeowner in Everett, you depend a great deal on your pressure washer for your cleaning needs. You use it to clean your building, driveway and patio. It’s also great for removing dirt, debris, and other buildup from your tools and construction equipment.

When your pressure washer breaks down, you need repairs fast. Come to Ben’s Cleaner Sales to repair your pressure washer in Everett, WA. We have a large inventory of parts and equipment so we can quickly fix it for you in our repair shop or send you on your way with the proper parts to fix it yourself. Do you need on-site repairs? Ben’s Cleaner Sales has outside service trucks available in your area.

Need a Replacement?

In addition to repairing your pressure washer, we supply top-notch cleaning equipment to Everett, WA residents and the surrounding areas.

Some of our products include:

  • Pressure washers & steam cleaners
  • Air compressors
  • Heater modules
  • Jobsite boxes
  • Portable generators
  • Portable heaters
  • Portable tank skids
  • Wet and dry vacuums
  • Chemicals
  • Janitorial equipment
  • Parts
  • Rain Gear

To see a complete list of our products, click here.

If you’d rather rent your equipment, or if you need custom units for your specific job, let us know. Our experienced team will work with you to handle your heavy-duty projects.

Stop By Our Showroom

Feel free to visit our showroom to see our complete inventory, or call 877.922.4262 if you have any questions about our services.