Pressure Washers and Cleaning Equipment in Kent

Kent is a great place to live, and it’s all the successful businesses here that keep the city thriving. Whether you work for Boeing, Flow International Company, Oberto Sausage Company, or another of Kent’s many successful businesses, you need industrial cleaning at the right price.

Since 1945, Ben’s Cleaner Sales has served the Seattle area with high-class industrial cleaning equipment including pressure washers and steam cleaners. Our Kent, WA technicians can repair or upgrade any of your equipment on-site.

Our History

Ben Meyer began cleaning gas stations and automobiles in the 1940s. Soon, Ben began to take a leading role in repairing other business’s equipment. By 1945, he focused exclusively on selling and servicing cleaning equipment.

Since that time, Ben’s Cleaner Sales has expanded to offer a wide range of products, including steam cleaners, water treatment systems, rain gear, and pressure washers in Kent, WA. We’re staffed with expert mechanics who know how to maintain each piece of equipment.

We can even offer uniquely customized projects for your toughest jobs. For example, creating a pressure washer to drill holes in the ice in the Antartic.

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We look forward to supporting your business and helping Kent’s economy thrive. Keep your products spotless with our cleaning equipment. Call us at 877-922-4262 today.