Mister Combination Electric Direct Drive – CM-1400-0MEC-M


Each combination unit includes a two-piece 36-inch lance and trigger gun with quick connect
nozzles for pressure washing, a trigger gun with attached misting nozzle and an additional quick
connect misting nozzle for higher-reach misting. A 75-foot x 1
⁄4-inch high pressure hose with
quick connects allows for convenient use of both the pressure washer and mister.

Direct drive triplex crankshaft pump x Thermal relief valve x In-line water
strainer x Low pressure detergent injector for pressure washer use only x Oil drain, fill port and sight glass x Misting valve
Totally enclosed fan-cooled electric motor x 35-foot power cord with GFCI and 15-amp plug
Powder coated steel mounting plate with center balanced lift and four rubber isolators (CM-1400-1MEH-M) x Powder coated steel frame with upright tilt back
design and two rubber isolators (CM-1400-0MEC-M)
Unit Includes:
Quick connect nozzles – 15°, 25°, detergent and misting nozzles x 75-foot x 1⁄4-inch
non-marking high pressure hose with quick connects x Two piece, 36-inch lance x Professional-grade trigger gun x Additional trigger gun with misting nozzle

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1400 PSI