Rain Gear for Work in Tacoma, WA

If you work outdoors in Tacoma, WA, you are used to getting wet frequently due to the amount of rain that Washington receives. However, you should not have to endure cold, wet working conditions. Instead, you can buy rain gear for work that is durable and waterproof to shield yourself from the elements.
At Ben’s Cleaner Sales, we supply those in the Tacoma, WA, area with a variety of rain gear for work. Read on to learn more about the different products we offer.
Work Safety
If you are looking for gear to provide your employees as they work outdoors, you want to ensure their utmost safety. At Ben’s Cleaner Sales, we understand the importance of safety. That’s why we offer products that are tested to be flame-resistant and protect against blood-borne pathogens. Ben’s Cleaner Sales also offers Hi Vis products to help your employees stand out and stay safe.
Rain Gear
Because of the large amount of rain that Washington receives each year, you also want to provide your employees with waterproof clothing that keeps them warm and dry during the rainy seasons. At Ben’s Cleaner Sales, we provide high-quality Helly Hansen waterproof jackets, pants, hats, and bibs.
For more information on our rain gear, contact Ben’s Cleaner Sales by calling 206-622-4262 or 877-922-4262. You can also request a quote or ask questions about our products by filling out our online contact form.