3 Essential Pieces of Interior Automotive Detailing Equipment

If you own or operate a taxicab business or any company with a fleet of vehicles, you have to keep your car or truck fleet clean on the inside and out. However, after cleaning the insides of your cabs, you may still notice odors and stains left behind. While you may think you are simply not skilled at detailing your vehicle interiors, instead, you may be lacking the proper vehicle interior detailing equipment.

Read on to learn about three essential pieces of automotive detailing equipment that the pros use and how they can help you keep your taxicab interiors cleaner and more sanitary.

1. Air Compressor

If you notice that there are debris stuck in the nooks and crannies of your taxicab interiors after vacuuming them as thoroughly as possible, you may think you just have poor vacuuming skills. However, even the smallest vacuum attachment cannot fit into all of the tiny spaces in your taxicab interiors like the tip of an air compressor can. In addition, your vacuum is likely not powerful enough to suck debris out.

An air compressor doesn’t suck the dirt and debris out of the small spaces of the interior of your cars but instead blows them out with a blast of highly pressurized air. Air compressors typically come with fine detailing attachments that will fit in even the tiniest crevice of a car’s interior.

There are two main types of air compressors: two-stage and single-stage compressors. In a two-stage compressor, air is pressurized twice instead of once, leading to a more powerful blast of air.

For general automotive detailing, a portable, single-stage compressor will provide all the power you need to blow ground-in debris out of the interiors of your taxicabs. Be sure to purchase fine detailing attachments if they don’t already come with your air compressor.

When using an air compressor, wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. Also, be sure to use the air compressor before vacuuming the interiors of your vehicles.

2. Carpet Cleaner

Another piece of equipment you need to detail your vehicles like the pros do is a carpet cleaner. If you have been using a steam cleaner to clean your automobile carpets and can’t seem to get them clean, switch to a carpet shampooer and extractor. This tool can help you finally get your carpets clean with little effort.

While steam cleaners can be used to clean and sanitize other interior surfaces of your vehicles, such as dashboards and steering wheels, they can’t pull up soil from carpets like traditional carpet shampooers and extractors can. This can lead to dirt and residue being left behind on carpets even after you feel like you have cleaned them thoroughly with a steam cleaner.

In addition, continued use of steam cleaners on your carpets can damage the carpet fibers due to the intense heat is subjects them to.

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