6 Advantages of a Litter Vacuum for College Campuses

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A litter vacuum is an industrial cleaner that looks like an enclosed golf cart with a large vacuum hose that extends over the top and includes a collection tank on the back. The vast size of a college campus makes litter cleanup a challenge, but a litter vacuum comes with many advantages to make the process go quickly and efficiently.

As you seek college campus cleaning solutions, consider the advantages of a litter vacuum vehicle.

1. Terrain Options

College campuses are filled with all kinds of terrain. A quick walk-through of a campus may include large parking lots, grassy fields, and long cement walkways. A litter vacuum may be a vehicle, but the design allows the vehicle to travel over rough terrain and still operate smoothly.

The vehicle can suck up litter in a parking lot and drive onto a sidewalk or grass-filled green to pick up additional grass. No additional equipment is needed to access the different areas. A litter vacuum rides smoothly, so a person doesn’t need to get out to manually pick up trash in hard-to-reach locations.

The vehicle also works year-round on most campuses. Light snow, rain, and a little mud pose few problems for the vehicle. Every model is different, so you should check the manual for more details, but for the most part, you can rely on your litter vacuum all throughout the year.

2. Robotic Arm

Unlike a traditional vacuum where you have to manually point and glide over specific areas, a litter vacuum features precise controls of the vacuum hose. The hose is connected to a robotic arm that rotates in multiple directions and can move freely up and down. Once you master the robotic arm controls, you can move the robotic arm around to reach specific areas.

For example, you may see trash in the corner of a sewer grate. Instead of trying to line up the vehicle exactly over the litter, you would simply park next to the sewer and use the robotic arm to navigate the vacuum to the litter.

Some of the litter vacuums feature preset controls that allow you to reset the arm back to a standard position so you don’t need to manually reset the arm each time.

3. All-Electric Options

The whole point of a litter vacuum is to reduce pollution and provide a cleaner college campus. This is why you should seek out an all-electric litter vacuum option. With an all-electric vehicle, you will completely reduce emissions. Your carbon footprint will reduce even further if you build a charging station connected to solar panels.

The solar panels can fully charge the litter vacuum so you have a carbon-neutral vehicle for use on your campus. If you do not have any solar panels available for use, your electric model will still be an environmentally friendly solution.

4. Campus Preparation

When a new school year begins, you want the campus to look pristine, especially as you welcome new students to the institution. A litter vacuum provides comprehensive cleaning solutions as it travels across campus and covers the whole area. The quick cleaning options are ideal for a run-through in the days leading up to the start of a new semester.

Many schools will hold pep rallies and back-to-school campus events, and these are notorious for litter and garbage. After the event, a litter vacuum will help quickly remove debris. A janitor does not need to manually pick up items and dispose of garbage. Once the tank fills, a janitor can easily drive the vacuum to a dumpster and unload the contents with a special back lift.

5. Sports Venue Cleaning

Along with the regular campus cleaning, a litter vacuum also works at sports venues. After a sports game, litter may include paper cups, celebration confetti, or athletic tape that has been left behind. A cleaning crew can take the litter vacuum around the sidelines of fields to clean up debris and keep the areas in a clean condition.

The field will be prepared for the next game and you can prevent litter from spreading around due to winds. While the vehicle cannot climb up stairs to reach high places, it can access some of the lower rows with the robotic arm. The large vacuum hose can help pick up debris like food wrappers, drink cups, and excess food like popcorn.

6. Physical Protection

The back lift not only helps a janitor easily empty out the trash, but the litter vacuum is less physically demanding than traditional janitorial services. Bending down to pick up trash over and over can create pains in the back, neck, and legs. Lugging trash bags to dumpsters can cause arm pains and excessive strain.

The automatic use of a litter vacuum will help drastically reduce the physical impact on your janitors and allow them to complete tasks without the risk of a physical injury.

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