Features of an Industrial Steam Cleaner for Commercial Ice Dam Removal

In some parts of the country, the winter season can bring with it long and miserable stretches of below-freezing temperatures. New York, Connecticut, Minnesota, and even Alaska are all examples of states that deal with extreme bouts of cold weather and cold-weather precipitation. Unfortunately, the long stretches of cold and wintry precipitation can lead to ice damming on roofs.

Ice dams are ridges of ice that develop on the edge of a building’s roof. These dams form as a result of heat transfer through the roof that melts frozen precipitation and cold outdoor temperatures that rapidly freeze the runoff. For business owners and home owners, ice dams can be a huge and costly problem that leads to roof damage and leaks.

If you are in the business of ice dam removal, you probably already know that industrial steamers are the most effective removal method as they do not harm the structure of the building. However, you have so many different forms of industrial steamers to choose from. Here is a look at some of the best features to look for in a steamer for commercial ice dam removal. 

The Right Kind of Steamer             

It’s important to know you need an industrial steamer that produces wet steam not dry steam. Super-heated water is needed to dissolve ice as quick as possible to flush away before refreezing.  A perfect machine is one that produces 2.5 GPM at 300° temperature such as the Whitco 2525S PEO Steamer provided by Ben’s Cleaner Sales, Inc.

Steam Temperature

Water effectively turns into steam at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. However, 212-degree temperature is too low for dissolving ice quickly.  By holding the water under pressure, it can be heated to a more effective temperature of 300° for maximum blasting power.

Pneumatic Wheels and Large Tires

When you are working outside of a commercial building, possibly in ice and snow, you need a steamer that is easy to maneuver into place so you can reach the roof with your steamer hose. Basic steamer models often have basic caster wheels that do swivel, but the tires are so small that maneuvering across any rough terrain is difficult to achieve.

Look for a steamer that is equipped with quality pneumatic wheels that are designed for a little roughness. Plus, larger tires will give you the ability to wheel your steamer over ground obstacles, such as small mounds of snow and ice, without struggling. The best method of course is to get a longer hose.  With the more industrial Whitco 2525S, it has the power to push longer hose, you can use a 100’ to 150’ steam hose allowing you to just leave the machine in the back of your truck.

When it is your job to tackle monstrous ice dams on commercial buildings as quickly as possible, you need equipment that delivers reliable performance with every job. To find an industrial steamer for your next ice dam project, contact us at Ben’s Cleaner Sales, Inc., for professional assistance you can trust.

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