9 Tips for Commercial Spring Cleaning

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Spring brings countless opportunities for a new start. And one of the most common ways to benefit from fresh beginnings is through spring-cleaning. Fortunately, spring-cleaning doesn’t work just for a residential demographic. It’s perfect for commercial properties as well.

Read our guide on commercial spring-cleaning below and discover how you can totally revitalize your business this season.

1. Invest in the Right Equipment

Cleaning commercial spaces, regardless of size, can be difficult with residential cleaning equipment. Before you start cleaning, purchase (or rent) the right equipment and supplies to make your spring-cleaning as easy as possible.

Not sure what equipment works best for your goals? Call the team at Ben’s Cleaner Sales to learn which items you’ll need to clean your space effectively.

2. Pressure Wash the Exterior

Nothing welcomes more customers into your business than a clean, sparkling exterior. This highly pressurized water stream completely removes dirt, grime, and other buildup on your brick-and-mortar structure. While the entire building does need a good wash, focus on high-traffic areas — including sidewalks, entryways, and outdoor common areas — since they’re likely to be in worse shape than other spaces.

You could also pressure wash your parking lot, or at least rinse out any drains and catch basins if they’re caked with dirt. Other items to wash include patios, dumpsters and the surrounding areas, and other equipment or heavy-duty furniture.

3. Clean the Windows

In addition to the main face of your building, your windows should give off a clean, inviting look. While you can pressure wash window exteriors, it’s not a recommended practice because you could sustain an injury or damage the glass in the process.

If you have too many windows to clean on your own, outsource the job to a window cleaning company. If your business is small enough for you to clean the glass yourself, gather a cleaning solution and microfiber cloths to most effectively clear away debris and film.

Giving your windows a quality clean does more than enhance your exterior aesthetic. Once clean, they let in a decent amount of natural light, which will also add to your interior look.

4. Landscape the Outside

Spring-cleaning doesn’t just mean traditional tidying up. It also includes making any enhancements within the landscape so your business truly looks put together. Remove any weeds or dead foliage, trim back trees, and add any new features that can add more life into the outdoor space.

5. Sanitize Everything

Even with some businesses lessening restrictions related to COVID-19, you should still follow best practices for sanitizing your indoor surfaces. It also helps reduce any allergens and other viruses within your space, making your business a much better space for everyone who comes through your doors. Focus first on common areas like waiting rooms or sitting areas, bathrooms, and reception desks.

You can also establish a consistent cleaning and sanitizing schedule that fits your specific concerns and desires for your business.

6. Detail the Furniture

At minimum, you should thoroughly clean your furniture bi-annually, and spring is the perfect time for one of those deep cleanings. You should sanitize your furniture, but make sure to take a few extra steps before doing so.

For example, dust any couches, tables, chairs, or other furniture in your business. Use a vacuum to remove any dirt or debris that’s settled on, in, or under your chairs. Remove any stains from the upholstery with a quality cleaner (opt for green cleaners if possible) before sanitizing.

7. Take Time on the Floors

Floors see some of the heaviest foot traffic, so they’ll need a little extra love and attention. Deep clean any carpets in your business at least once a year — more often if needed to eliminate allergens, dust, and dirt within your business.

Vacuum the floors, including non-carpet surfaces, to get the deepest clean possible. If the carpet is incredibly dirty or stained, use a carpet cleaner to get it back in shape.

8. Get the HVAC System Inspected

Bring a technician in to take a look at your HVAC system, especially since you’ll likely use the cooling system in the warmer months.

9. Declutter Where You Can

Once you’ve done the big deep cleaning for your business, focus on the smaller aspects that could benefit from a little organization. Set up a regular cleaning schedule you and your employees can follow to keep the business as consistently clean as possible. Vacuum, mop, remove trash, dust — whatever you can easily manage within your time so you ultimately have fewer big messes to clean in the long run.

When you’re ready to rent or invest in commercial cleaning equipment, give us a call. Whatever your commercial cleaning needs are, we’ll help you keep your business spick and span so you can better impress and serve your customers. And don’t forget to check our blog for additional tips and information your business can benefit from.

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