5 Reasons To Invest in an Electrostatic Sprayer for Your Business

What can an electrostatic sprayer do for your business? From cleaning the interior to keeping the exterior pest free, take a look at the top reasons for a small business to invest in an electrostatic sprayer.

Reduce Employee Absence Days Due To Illness

Now that you’re fully back to in-person business days, your employees are at risk for common communicable illnesses. In the past few years many companies took strict measures to prevent the spread of Covid. But as your company (and just about every other business) went back to its normal daily activities, it’s likely that you dropped some of the illness-prevention safety rules.

Without masks and strict illness guidelines, you need a way to reduce the spread of germs in your office or other business space.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in January of 2022 nearly 7.8 million American workers missed work due to an illness or other medical issue. When your employees need to stay home, your company’s productivity declines and you could lose money. This makes a healthy workplace financially important to your business.

Beyond the financial reasons for wanting to maintain a germ-free work environment, healthy employees are happier employees. No one wants to sit in the cubicle next to a coworker who coughs from nine to five or pack into a conference room with other employees who are clearly under the weather.

An electrostatic sprayer can help you to do more than just keep your business clean. It can reduce the number of germs on surfaces. The fewer germs on the desks, tables, phones, and other office items/equipment, the lower the chances are that your employees, customers, or clients will spread a communicable illness around your office, retail space, or other business.

Quickly and Easily Disinfect the Interior Space

Not only does an electrostatic sprayer (when used with a disinfectant or sanitizing solution) help to keep germs away, it is quick and easy to use. This means you can spray away Covid, flu, cold, or other common germs immediately after you learn about a sick employee/customer.

Instead of clearing out the space, scrubbing hard surfaces, spraying a bottle of disinfectant cleaner, wet-mopping the floor, and more, you can simply swipe the interior with the electrostatic sprayer. This eliminates the need to clear the office or other indoor space for hours or more.

Keep Pests Away From Outdoor Areas

Disinfection is a major reason to invest in an electrostatic sprayer for your business. But it’s not the only benefit. Some businesses use this type of sprayer as a pest removal tool.

Ants, roaches, and other pests may cover your company’s garden, make their homes in the outdoor potted plants, or just crawl on the exterior walls of your building. Pests are a health hazard and can make clients or customers feel uncomfortable about entering your business.

Electrostatic sprayers have a long history of use in agricultural settings. These sprayers can efficiently apply pesticides to plant-life. The charge the sprayer gives the droplets of pesticide makes it stick to the surface of the affected plants. This often makes the spray more effective than other methods. It could also reduce runoff and drift when the water or air carries the pesticide somewhere other than its intended target plant.

Even though electrostatic sprayers can reduce exterior pest problems, only an experienced pest control pro should use this type of equipment for chemical application. Businesses that can benefit from an electrostatic sprayer purchase into pest control companies and those that employ maintenance workers who specialize in pest control methods.

Fertilize the Area Outside

You can also use electrostatic sprayers to fertilize outdoor areas. If you own a landscaping company, this can make your work day easier. Like pest control application, the sprayer charges the particles of the fertilizer as it leaves the sprayer nozzle.

This makes it possible for the fertilizer chemicals to stick to a surface. Again, this may reduce runoff and drift. The end result is often a better application and less contamination to the surrounding outdoor area.

Make the Physical Burden Easier On Your Employees

Whether you need to disinfect your office regularly, spray for pests, or fertilize an outdoor area, an electrostatic sprayer may reduce the physical burden on your employees.

While cleaning an office may not seem like intensive labor, it isn’t always easy. Bending, reaching, squating, and moving around to clean and sanitize every inch of your office can make your employees (or yourself) tired. This can lead to burnout or disgruntled employees. An electrostatic sprayer is easy to hold or comes in a backpack mount style. This allows the user to simply stand, swipe, and spray the interior area.

Like sanitization of the indoor space, exterior uses (such as pest control or fertilizer applications) are also easier with a backpack type of electrostatic spray. Your employees won’t need to carry around heavy bottles of chemicals or move into awkward positions as they work.

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