Fighting Moss Inside and Outside Your Commercial Property

Unfortunately, during damp times of the year, moss can build up inside and outside your business. If you want to keep your commercial environment healthy and looking good, you need a few strategies to avoid moss. Here are some essential tips to help.

Scrubbing Moss Off Siding

To remove moss from the siding of your building, spray a product that is a mixture of sodium hyporchlorite and detergent such as Moss B Gone. Be careful not to get the chemical on plants and windows.  Use a pressure washer with moderate pressure to flush moss, algae and mildew off that has been loosened by Moss B Gone.

Finally, spray the whole area with a product to prevent the moss and mildew from returning.  Ben’s Cleaner Sales carries a product called Ben’s Seal Coat which uses an acrylic binder to bind a mildewcide and algaecide to the surface preventing growth for up to 5 years.

Removing Moss From Roofs

In some cases, patches of moss may appear on your roof. Heavy build up can be raked and broomed off, and then use the same mixture of sodium hyporchlorite and detergent such as Moss B Gone as mentioned above.

Also, make sure that the drainage on your roof is adequate. Sometimes, water tends to pool on flat commercial roofs which can lead to the growth of moss.  A product such as Ben’s Seal Coat is especially beneficial to apply to wet shaded areas and roofs because it prevents future maintenance by keeping the moss and algae from growing for up to 5 years.

Pressure Washing Sidewalks and Patios

If your business has moss growing on the siding or roof, there’s probably moss around your building as well. Luckily, you can blast these areas with a pressure washer. A surface cleaner attachment will save you hours of work and helps eliminate striping often caused by a normal gun and wand.

Moss, algae and mildew are mostly found in damp shaded areas.  Areas shaded by trees, north and west sides of property and standing water are the most susceptible to environmental growth.  The best tools for cleaning and preventing are killing the moss with the use of a pressure washer or vapor cleaner.  Preventing with an inhibitor such as Ben’s Seal Coat will reduce the labor normally required to clean as often.

Keeping your commercial property clean and healthy requires the right tools. If you need any cleaning equipment, to help fight moss inside or outside your building, contact us at Ben’s Cleaner Sales, Inc., today.

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