4 Tips for Using Ice Melt Products Efficiently at Your Business

Melted Ice — Bellevue, WA — Ben's Cleaner Sales IncIce melt products work quickly to melt ice and remove hazards around your business. Typically, ice melt salts work best to remove ice and keep the ground free from ice patches. A large stock of ice melt products will help you last through winter, but you do not want to just carelessly throw out ice melt everywhere you can.


With some careful planning, you can use ice melt efficiently, keep ice off your property, and ensure your ice melt has the best use possible. Check out some common tips for ice melt use and ways to use the product as colder months arrive.


1. Use a Wheeled Ice Melt Spreader


Similar to a grass seed spreader, an ice melt spreader will provide an even coat of ice melt salt on your property. For workers, the use of the ice melt salt makes it easy to spread without the need to hunch over or use a lot of exertion. When ice melt salt is spread by hand, one area could have a large pile of ice salt while a worker misses another spot completely.


A wheeled spreader has balanced heavy wheels that can easily push over ice and will cover an even area. If you need to backtrack, you can let go of the handle and the ice melt will not spread until you reach a new location and press the handle again.


2. Use Handheld Spreaders


You may have some areas where a wheeled ice melt spreader does not reach. For small walkways or stairwells, consider the use of a handheld spreader. The spreader looks like a large canister with a handle attached. When the handle is pushed in, the ice melt will evenly disperse through the canister.


After a few uses, you or other workers can create a procedure to ensure you do not overuse the ice melt. For example, you could learn how to swoop your hand across a step while you hold the canister and repeat the process for each additional step.


Some canisters will include openings on the top and look like an enlarged salt shaker. With these designs, you will simply flip the canister upside-down and swoop it across specific areas like steps. Adjustable openings on the top can help regulate how much salt comes out each time.


3. Fill in Potholes & Large Gaps


If your parking lot or sidewalks contain pot holes, large grooves, or gaps, then moisture can fill the areas and create ice patches. To help reduce the ice in the area, you may consider filling the whole hole with ice melt. Filling the hole with ice melt could turn into a big waste of resources. The ice salt will melt quickly and you will have to fill the gaps each time the areas freeze.


Before the cold weather comes, fill in those areas with either permanent or temporary filler. For example, you could purchase some stone or gravel to fill in the holes. If you fill in the area as much as you can, then you will only need the ice melt for the surface level rather than the deeper gaps. The ice will melt easier and reduce the hazards on your property.


If possible, you could hire a paving company to fill in the gaps. The costs may seem high at first, but will save you a lot on ice melt salt as the years go by. You do not need to worry about filling the big gaps over and over again.


4. Observe & Target Key Areas


Instead of blindly spreading ice melt across your whole property, take some time to observe the key areas of your property. Some areas may not get ice build-up while others have heavy ice issues. For example, certain areas may have excess water drip down from gutters or melting snow on the roof. When the snow melts, the water can freeze again on these areas and create slip hazards.


Use a map or blueprints of your property to determine some of the key icy areas. On the first freeze of the season, do a walk-through of your property, spread ice melt, and see the areas that need help the most. With the targeted areas, you can mark spaces on the map.


The map will provide other maintenance areas to focus on and areas where the workers do not need to waste any of the ice salt. With a consistent plan, you can use the salt efficiently and won’t worry about running out halfway through the season.


For more information on ice melt and accessories, contact us at Ben’s Cleaner Sales. We offer bulk deliveries of ice melt so you have plenty for the winter season and do not need to worry about coming up short in the middle of winter. We can deliver the ice melt right to your property so you do not need to worry about transportation. We also offer quantity discounts so the more you buy the more you save.

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