Firefighting Pump Kits

When you work as a firefighter, you know how quickly a fire can destroy property. You need powerful equipment to stop the fire and prevent it from spreading.

We have a simple, affordable solution. Many of our customers buy our high-quality pressure washers and use them as firefighting pump kits for Seattle, WA industries. We’re your local pressure washer experts, and we’ll create a customized piece of equipment to help you protect homes and buildings from fire damage.

Our Pressure Washers

You have many top-of-the-line choices at Ben’s Cleaner Sales—and if you’re hoping to fight fires, only the most powerful models will do. Our equipment professionals can help you choose the right make and model to extinguish fires quickly and completely. You can choose a large, stationary unit or a light, portable unit.

Our pressure washers run on three types of power:

  • Gas and diesel machines do not require a plug and can be moved wherever you need to fight the fire.
  • Electric pressure washers work quietly and don’t produce exhaust.

To fight fires, you’ll need a pressure washer with high water pressure and an extremely wide range. Talk to our equipment professionals for help choosing the right pressure washer for your firefighting pump kit in Seattle, WA.

Do you have more specific requirements for your equipment? We specialize in building custom units, so we’ll adjust your pressure washer to meet your unique firefighting requirements.

Our Company

Since 1945, we’ve provided only the highest quality cleaning equipment for firefighters and other professionals throughout Seattle. You won’t find a more knowledgeable and experienced cleaning equipment company in the area. Our technicians can even repair your equipment if necessary.

If your company needs a firefighting pump kit in Seattle, WA, call us at 877-922-4262. Or, visit our showroom at 2221 4th Avenue South in Seattle.

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