Industrial Cleaning Products Ideal for Commercial Fishing Companies

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As a commercial fishing company, your business likely has a lot of mess to deal with on a daily basis. On one side of the business, you may have chartered boats and dock areas where your workers go to catch the fish. On the other side of your business, you may have a plant where you process the fish and prepare it for retail sales.


When you sell fish, you want to ensure you have clean equipment and properly sanitized areas so customers who consume the food remain happy. Check out some of the industrial cleaning products ideal for commercial fishing companies and the ways those products can help you on a daily basis.


Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer


If you own a fishing boat, then you will want to keep the area clean and free from debris on a regular basis. You may also want to clean the exterior of the boat. If you primarily fish in saltwater settings, then the saltwater access may not offer the best cleaning access for your boat.


As an alternative, you can purchase a trailer-mounted pressure washer to provide ideal cleaning options. The trailer-mounted washer comes with a water tank attached that offer freshwater access for the pressure washer. With the trailer, you can access areas where freshwater or hoses are not readily available.


Use a pressure washer to clean boat decks, fishing areas, and the side of the boat. You also have the option to use hot water pressure washers for a deeper clean on the boat. You do not need to leave the trailer on-site where the boat is and the mounted trailer makes the water pressure system easy to transport to different locations.


For example, you may have multiple boats spread out across multiple marinas. Instead of a pressure washing system for each marina, you can easily transport the trailer as needed to each area. The trailer can connect to most vehicles with a hitch and transfer to different vehicles as needed.


Wet/Dry Vacuum Systems


A wet/dry vacuum system can help you clean up messes on a boat or within a seafood processing plant. With wet/dry technology, you have the ability to suck up debris no matter how moist the material is. For example, you could have workstations filled with fish scales and small pieces. At the end of each shift, a clean-up crew can use a wet/dry vacuum to suck up the excess debris and any moisture associated with the debris.


A wet/dry vacuum also works well with any fishing boats you have. The boats will naturally have a lot of water and moisture. The use of a wet/dry vacuum will speed up the process and make cleaning easier.


Electrostatic Sprayers


In any type of work environment that involves food, you will want to properly sanitize surfaces and ensure you keep everything germ free. Instead of hand-wiping everything, you can easily sanitize with an electrostatic sprayer. A worker would wear the main sprayer storage tank on their back and then use a connected nozzle to spray the sanitizer.


The process will cover larger areas faster, including any tables or equipment that food comes into contact with. Many electrostatic sprayers will come with built-in batteries to use the sprayer without any need for an electrical outlet. Not only does the battery power make it easier for a food plant, but you can use the same device on boats as well.


Commercial Fishing Workwear


Working in the fishing industry, you need protective clothing to keep you dry and warm, while also being able to withstand the toughest conditions. From base layers to bib pants and rain jackets, our range of fishing gear is engineered for warmth, comfort and protection.


Purchase all of your industrial cleaning equipment from us at Ben’s Cleaner Sales Inc. We will help you make the best selections to help your specific business and we have a wide range of products to choose from. We can help ensure you follow proper guidelines and run your fish business with cleanliness.

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