4 Tips for Effectively Using Ice Melt at Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners and managers need to make sure they keep their properties safe during the winter months. Ice melt can do a lot for you and your property, but you must go about using ice melt products in the right way. Discover some tips to get the most out of your ice melt during the icy months.


Ice Melt In Commercial Property


1. Get Your Ice Melt Early


Don’t wait for the weather to take a turn for the worst before you purchase ice melt for the property. The longer you wait, the harder it can become to find what you need to keep the property safe for everyone who makes use of it.


If you don’t need to use your ice melt just yet, store it in an airtight container. Do this because many types of ice melt will continue to draw moisture from the air left exposed. This will degrade the product and make it less effective.


Air and sunlight can also make the ice melt brittle. Keep these storage tips in mind if you have any of the product left after you use it.


2. Find the Right Ice Melt for Your Needs


The needs of your commercial property aren’t the same as the needs of the next property when keeping people safe from hazardous ice formation. The wrong ice melt may underperform and leave too much ice. This can lead to overuse of the product, which can become a waste of money and efficiency.


Quality also matters with ice melt. If you have ice melt and notice it doesn’t do the job properly, take note. Swap out poorly performing ice melt for one more suitable to your property’s conditions as soon as possible. Typically, you should only require a couple of ounces of ice melt per square yard of property.


Seek ice melt that works well with the features of your property. Ice melt can consist of various types of minerals. Some ice melts aren’t great on concrete while some others aren’t suitable for vegetation. You’ll want the type of ice melt that works well with the landscape of your commercial property.


Make sure you take note of what the ice melt product you choose states it’s good for and what it’s not good for. For example, ice melt formulated to protect concrete and metal assets specifically will work best for commercial properties that contain a lot of metal equipment.


The right ice melt will keep people from slipping or injuring themselves. You may also need to consider vehicles or other movable objects on the property when you use the ice melt. In addition, if you have a property that children frequent or one that contains pets, you’ll need ice melt that isn’t hazardous to them.


3. Apply Your Ice Melt the Right Way


You should know how and when to apply ice melt. Ideally, you should pretreat surfaces with ice melt. Preventing ice buildup rather than trying to deal with it after the fact can go a long way towards keeping your commercial property safe.


When you know a winter storm or other condition that leads to iciness is on the way, you should apply ice melt before, during, and after the event. You don’t always have to apply the ice melt in this way, but it’s the safest practice.


If you have a good handle on the weather conditions and what kind of icing they can create, you can develop your own game plan when applying the ice melt. No matter what type of ice melt you use, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.


The ice melt should clearly state where you can use it and how you can use it most effectively. Also, look for warnings and take them seriously.


To stay on the safe side, always protect your skin and eyes when applying ice melt. How much protection you need can vary by type of ice melt, but err on the side of caution no matter what type of ice melt you spread.


4. Keep Ice Melt From Creating Inside Problems


People can easily track ice melt into areas where it doesn’t belong. Since ice melt isn’t for all surfaces, the ice melt that ends up inside a facility can do subtle damage. The ice melt that people bring indoor can ruin floors, create hazards, and become an eyesore.


Lay down matting immediately outside of an entrance as well as immediately inside of an entrance. This will give people an opportunity to remove debris and ice melt from their footwear before they track it further into the facility. Make sure you clean up anything that escapes the mats as soon as possible.


Ice melt is an important part of winter safety at any commercial facility. Start with a reputable brand from a professional seller. Bens Cleaner Sales Inc. offers high-quality ice melt that’s safe for animals, children, and vegetation. We carry snow & ice melter in several options including residential grade to commercial-grade, & effective up to -20°F. Whether your commercial property needs ice melt by the pallet or the truckload, contact us today.