4 Types of Professional Cleaning Equipment Ideal for Small Fishing Boat Operations

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If you own a small fishing boat, then you may make income on your catches and want to provide a smooth and clean operation. Along with the fish you catch, the cleanliness of your operation can make a huge difference on the way you operate and the efficiency of your production.


Not only do you want to keep your boat clean, but the tools you use can make the cleaning process go faster as well. With professional tools, you can reduce the amount of time you take to clean and focus more on catching and preparing fish for sale. Check out some of the equipment ideal for your operation and how the equipment can help.


1. Pressure Washers


A long day of fishing can lead to a big mess on a boat. The exterior of a boat could feature excess seaweed, dirt, and debris from the water. The deck of a boat could feature parts of fish, bait, and general messes from your operation. Once back at shore, you can completely clean off your ship with the use of a pressure washer.


A pressure washer eliminates the need to manually scrub areas of the ship. The high-pressure washer can help lift particles and clean surfaces. You can cover more ground in a quick amount of time and access hard to reach places with the long handle supplied on pressure washers.


Some industrial pressure washers also have the option to use heated water. Hot water may help breakaway stubborn particles like fish scales or dried fish. Your boat will look fresh and new for the next time you head out onto the water.


2. Wet/Dry Vacuums


Some particles cannot just get washed away on a ship. If you clean fish right on the boat, then you may have excess scales, bones, and other parts that accidentally fall to the deck. As you throw out nets or cast lines, your boat could fill with all kinds of debris from the ocean and from the bait you use.


One of the easiest ways to clean up the fish debris is with a wet/dry vacuum. This industrial-style vacuum can suck up particles and debris without any worries of water getting into the tank. A larger vacuum will have a bigger tank on it, so you don’t have to constantly worry about emptying out the vacuum.


You do not need to wait to dock to use the vacuum either. You can keep the cleaning device on your boat and pull it out to clean up messes as you go. The powerful suction of a wet/dry vacuum will make it a lot easier to get debris and keep the boat clean. If you have a smaller boat, then you can wait until you dock and complete the process all at once.


3. Parts Washers


As you prepare fish for sale or consumption, you may rely on a large collection of tools and parts. You could also have a wide range of tools to actually catch the fish. Overtime, those parts may get dirty or have a lot of grease build-up on them. Instead of manually cleaning parts, you could save time with an industrial parts washer.


You could purchase a smaller and compact parts washer that either goes on your boat or is used near a dock area. You will place your parts inside the parts washer and run the machine to automatically clean the parts. Every washer is different, but the tumble mechanism will typically clean the parts within a few minutes.


With the washer, you can reduce the need to replace tools and help with the cleanliness of your fish environment. The size of the washer you purchase depends on how big your fish operation is and what tools you will need to wash on a regular basis.


4. Portable Heaters


During certain seasons of the year or in early hours before the sun has risen, you may have to deal with a lot of extreme temperatures. Ice and cold weather can have a big impact on the way you clean and keep your boat organized. Consider the use of an industrial portable heater to help with the cleaning process, as well as keeping your crew comfortable.


A portable heater will help prevent debris from freezing on the deck. You don’t have to worry about any water or icy conditions as you try to clean your boat or go through everyday operations. Portable heaters will typically plug into outlets or run an alternate power source like gas or propane. Choose whatever option works best for your situation.


A heater can also provide comfort as you prepare fish in cold weather. You can point a heater right in your direction where you prep fish and get them ready for retail sale.


For more information on professional cleaning tools, contact us at Ben’s Cleaner Sales. We have a wide range of cleaning tools for sale. Along with new retail purchases, we also offer used equipment and equipment rentals. You could rent equipment first before you decide to make a full purchase.

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