Thorough Cleaning Through Careful Preparation: Maximizing Your Pressure Washer’s Effectiveness

When the stability and cleanliness of your business or that of a valued client are at stake, it’s important that the tools you use for that job are fully primed. Setting out on a timely and essential power-washing job only to see your washer struggle to perform will leave you frustrated and eager to avoid repeating that mistake.

Thankfully, addressing those issues doesn’t always require you to buy new equipment. It’s likely that a few minor adjustments can bring your current power washer up to a much stronger standard and can provide the service and performance that you really need from your cleaning tools.

Below, you’ll find a guide with tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your power washer. Following these suggestions should guarantee that you receive the best possible outcome every time you need to perform a thorough cleaning job and will allow you to get the greatest possible return on your equipment investment.

Proper Nozzle Selection

Proper nozzle selection is crucial while pressure washing.  Choosing a nozzle with a too concentrated stream of water can cause damage to the surface you are cleaning, while choosing a nozzle with too wide of spray pattern can not be sufficient enough to get the job done.

The red-colored 0 degree nozzle delivers a small, very concentrated stream of water. This nozzle is typically used for removing tough stains and debris from concrete and metal. Do not use this nozzle on wood or siding as this stream is very strong and powerful, and can damage a soft surface.

The yellow-colored, 15-degree nozzle is typically used for surface preparation such as removing dirt, mildew or paint, and can be used on most surfaces.

The green-colored, 25-degree nozzle is best used to sweep away dirt and mud. Use it to sweep away leaves from decks, driveways and sidewalks.

The black-colored nozzle is a low pressure detergent nozzle. Use this when applying detergents for your cleaning projects.

The rotating nozzle is sold as an accessory. The water rotates in a circular motion to produce a jet stream between 5,000 to 9,000 rpm of cleaning power. It has a rotating, zero-degree impact, and expands to a 15-degree wand pattern. You can expect to increase your cleaning output by 50 percent, cutting your cleaning time in half.

Make sure to have spare nozzles on hand so you have all the options available when you need them.

Fuel System Maintenance

If your washer is stubborn about starting, you may need to take at look at the engine. Many people neglect to treat their pressure washers with the same engine care that they provide to their vehicles, and performance is likely to suffer greatly as a result.

Respecting your machinery is the first step in maintaining it, and keeping your fuel system secure and dry is an essential part of that process. Make sure that you regularly change the engine oil and replace both the air and oil filters. The oil in the engine needs to be changed every 50 hours, while the oil in the pump only needs to be changed every 500 hours.  If your washer has a fuel filter, it should also be cleaned to remove any possibility of debris getting into the system.

It’s important to remember that your pressure washer is likely to generate strong vibrations while being exposed to a great deal of water, so it’s important to consistently check to make sure engine seals and gaskets are all in properly aligned positions.

Hose Oversight

Your pressure washer relies on a totally closed system in order to generate maximum performance. A breach in the pressure means a weaker stream and less consistent results, so keeping an eye on the vulnerable areas is an important part of operations.

The hoses on your washer are likely to be flexible rubber, making them more susceptible to cracking, splitting, and compromising the system. Check each hose thoroughly before every use and make sure that you have replacement components available if a quick swap needs to be made.  Also make sure the hose is not in an area where it can be run over by vehicles.

Ben’s Cleaner Sales is fully prepared to handle all of your commercial pressure washer needs. A clean, stable, and reliable job site will go a long way toward making you and your clients happy, and that site can only be guaranteed if you work hard to stay up with your pressure washer obligations. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your equipment ready for the job.  Ben’s Cleaner Sales offers all the parts for you to maintain and repair your equipment, or we have both inside and outside mechanics to perform the work for you.

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