4 Effective Uses for Electrostatic Spraying Equipment at Your Business

Electrostatic Spraying - Bellevue, WA — Ben's Cleaner Sales IncWhen you want to provide clean work environments and curb appeal to potential customers, one of the more effective measures includes a tool known as an electrostatic sprayer.


The sprayer includes a backpack case that holds liquid cleaner. The backpack is connected to a hose that extends outward to a nose that sprays with special electrostatic technology that allows liquid to apply evenly over surfaces. As you plan everyday cleaning and maintenance at your business, learn some effective ways to use electrostatic cleaners.


1. Indoor Disinfectant


As diseases like COVID-19, flu, and common cold viruses spread throughout businesses, companies look for ways to mitigate germs and prevent spread. Help reduce germs on surfaces or in the air with the use of a disinfectant inside of an electrostatic sprayer. A sprayer can cover a large surface area in a quick amount of time. The electrostatic elements will help disinfectant stick to surfaces and kill off germs.


Ideally, you want to apply disinfectant at the end of a workday. Once your business closes, you can easily complete a spray down and help disinfect areas like desks, door handles, and elevators.


Also consider the use of a disinfectant spray in public areas like meeting rooms, office break rooms, or bathrooms. Full coverage of your business will help ensure that customers and employees enter a clean environment each workday.


2. Indoor Mold Prevention


Another health issue found inside buildings includes the formation of mold. If your business has moist areas prone to mold, then consider the use of an electrostatic spray to help eliminate moldy areas. The sprayers are compatible with all kinds of antimicrobial sprays. An antimicrobial spray prevents the growth of mold and other microbes that can quickly spread.


With antimicrobial spray, you can focus on areas like bathrooms and kitchens where mold may form. Unlike a daily disinfectant, you only need to use indoor mold prevention every few weeks or so. After the use of antimicrobial spray, you can track any formation of mold and determine the best cleaning schedule for your business.


If a major spill occurs at your business, then rely on antimicrobial spray once the mess has been cleaned up. Microbial mold can form quickly in moist areas and treatment is the best way to prevent any major problems. Even if you dry an area well, consider the spray early on to prevent any onset of mold.


3. Herbicides and Fungicides


For many businesses, curb appeal matters. You want to display a clean business without the presence of weeds and overgrowth of unwanted plants. As you plan out your landscaping, consider the use of herbicides in an electrostatic sprayer. The sprayer can cover large areas of your property and helps kill off common weeds.


The electrostatic technology allows herbicides to easily stick to plants and wilt their leaves as a plant is killed off. Many herbicides will go to the root of a plant and help prevent regrowth.


If you have certain flowers, trees, or outdoor plants you want to protect, then consider the use of fungicide spray on those plants. Herbicides help prevent the growth of an invasive species while fungicides will help kill off any fungus that has grown on the plant and presents a danger. Typically, the sprays are separate and would require separate treatments to take care of both.


4. Pesticides


Plants and landscaping at your business could attract unwanted pests. You do not want employees and customers greeted with the presence of ants, bees, beetles, or spiders. Easily keep insects away from your business with pesticides. A plant-safe pesticide will protect plant growth and help reduce the presence of bugs.


Not only do pesticides kill off living bugs, but chemicals help kill off eggs and larvae on the exteriors of your business. Along with pesticide treatments on plants, consider the use of a sprayer for gutters, doorways, awnings, and parking garages. Each area could feature insects and possible insect nests.


Every pesticide spray includes specific instructions, but ideally, you want to treat the exterior of your business every one to two months. During warmer months, consider more frequent use of the electrostatic sprayer when more bugs are likely to appear and invade exterior parts of your business.


Proper treatment on the exterior will prevent bugs from entering your business and reduce problems on the interior.


Purchase an electrostatic sprayer from us at Ben’s Cleaner Sales. Our available sprayers work with each of the applications and we have a wide range of products to choose from. Some sprayers include larger nozzles and can cover more surface area in a shorter amount of time. Other sprayers include larger tanks that you roll on a cart rather than wear on your back.


We can answer any questions you have and help you pick the best electrostatic sprayer for your business.

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