Pressure Washing versus Steam Cleaning

The Northwestern United States is one of the largest contributors to the fishing and boating industries. To stay successful in these career fields, you’ll need to carefully and effectively clean your machinery and equipment. After all, these items work best when they’re regularly cleaned and maintained.

At Ben’s Cleaner Sales, we sell and repair contract steam cleaning and pressure washing equipment in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Along with part replacements and equipment leasing, we also offer maintenance services for a variety of cleaning systems.

Because of our industry experience and years of knowledge, we know how to provide the highest level of service to many types of customers. Whether you use steam or pressure systems, consult with our professional technicians to keep your equipment in working condition.

Pressure Washing

Contract cleaners use highly pressurized water and metal spray wands to clear debris from hard surfaces. The focused stream of pressurized water provides just the right amount of force to remove stains, particles, and other buildup from surfaces.

Pressure washing is the perfect way to clean fishing and boating equipment. While metal parts might accumulate slime, salt, and other debris, pressure washing easily removes it all. However, this cleaning method may not suit every situation or surface type.

Steam Cleaning

How do you achieve complete cleanliness without damaging more fragile surfaces? Unlike the hardy metal of fishing equipment, certain surfaces call for a more careful mode of cleaning.

For instance, the famous gum wall in Seattle was recently cleaned using a steam-powered system. It was essential for city officials to use this specific cleaning method, as they wished to preserve the brick wall underneath the gum.

Steam cleaning provides a safe and environmentally friendly way to ensure the cleanliness of any surface. By using water and higher temperatures, steam cleaning allows for easy disinfecting of surfaces. With steam cleaning, there’s no need for harsh chemicals that might leave behind harmful residues.

Careful Services

If you wish to clean something but need to preserve the surface beneath the debris, choose steam cleaning to get the job done without collateral damage. Or if you need a more powerful clean, power washing provides the perfect solution. We offer many types of systems to help you achieve your cleaning goals.

Contact us for more information at 877-922-4262. You can also browse our products inventory to find the type of cleaning equipment that best fits your specific needs.

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