3 Main Types of Commercial Vacuum Cleaning Machines

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Commercial vacuum sweeper machines are vitally important if you want to maintain cleanliness inside commercial settings, such as offices, industrial facilities, and other corporate buildings. They are powerful machines designed to remove dirt and debris from carpets, rugs, showroom floors and other floor surfaces. They can easily clean large commercial spaces due to their size and capacity.


Here’s a look at the main types of commercial vacuum cleaning machines, along with their unique design and functions.


1. Ride-On Vacuum Sweepers


Ride-on vacuum sweepers are among the most powerful vacuum cleaners available on the market. These vacuum cleaners look like mini-tractors, equipped with a large vacuum head, powerful scrubbing brushes, and other attachments. They have three wheels, one in the front and two in the back, which allows them to maneuver on any type of surface easily.


An operator sits on a seat and drives the vacuum around as the vacuum head faces the floor. The vacuum control panel is conveniently within reach, where you can also adjust the height, angle, and speed of the vacuum head.


The vacuum has a powerful suction that quickly removes dirt and debris from carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, and other surfaces. The suction power is much higher than some regular vacuum cleaners, which makes these machines ideal for large industrial spaces with a lot of dirt and grime. Here, they can quickly cover a lot of ground to remove dirt and debris from even the tightest corners through a combination of vacuum suction, scrubbing brushes, and other attachments.


Ride-on vacuum sweepers also feature special filters, which trap dust and other particles, coupled to a debris waste collection tank. The machine uses automatic filter cleaners that constantly remove dust and other particles from the vacuum head. This feature helps the machines maintain their suction power so they can continue to sweep the area effectively.


Although ride-on vacuum sweepers can be pricey, they are worth the investment if you regularly clean large commercial areas. They can last for years, thanks to their heavy-duty parts and construction. Plus, since the operator doesn’t need to push the vacuum around, the work is less labor-intensive and carries a lower risk of injury.


2. Walk-Behind Vacuum Sweepers


Walk-behind vacuum sweepers are powerful vacuum cleaners designed for commercial applications. Their design allows the operator to use an ergonomic handlebar to push the vacuum around from behind.


Just like the ride-on vacuum sweeper, the walk-behind vacuum has three wheels, one in the front and two in the back. Some even feature traction control, which makes them more efficient when used in wet and slippery conditions.


Walk behind vacuum sweepers run on maintenance-free batteries, which is great for indoor commercial cleaning applications. The ultra-quiet machines results in a healthier working environment for everyone in the area.


Right at the center of these vacuum cleaners is a large vacuum head that uses suction to remove dirt and debris from the floor. These walk-behind sweepers also feature a system of scrubbing brushes that further help remove debris from carpets, wood floors, vinyl flooring, and other surfaces more effectively.


These vacuum cleaners also have a compact size, which allows you to easily maneuver them in small spaces and around furniture. Some are also lightweight and feature adjustable handles, so you can easily move them through small areas, such as hallways, staircases, and other tight spaces.


Walk-behind vacuum sweepers are easy to maneuver and require less effort from the operator with powerful motors that generate enough vacuum suction. The operator can even use these machines comfortably for extended periods with minimal fatigue.


3. Truck-Mounted Sweepers


As their name suggests, truck-mounted vacuum sweepers are special vacuum cleaners installed on the back of a truck. This advanced vacuum sweeper system is quite powerful and requires a high vacuum rating to operate. The sweeper can easily remove dirt, debris, and other particles from large commercial spaces.


The vacuum head on these vacuum sweepers is usually quite large and connects to the vacuum truck by a high-pressure hose. This vacuum head has an adjustable nozzle, which helps with the suction process when you need to vacuum hard-to-reach areas.


The sweeper attachment consists of a central revolving brush that loosens and sweeps dirt and debris from the vacuum head. The attachment also has two side brooms to push debris and vacuumed particles onto the vacuum head.


The truck itself has a powerful vacuum motor and a high-capacity vacuum collection tank. The motor generates enough power to lift debris and particles from the ground and immediately transfer them to the vacuum collection tank.


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